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IDIG was established in 1992 as an industry body to represent Driving Instructors. We are an independent forum, a single body, representing ALL our members in dealings with other agencies. Our expertise & knowledge is driven by members. We specialise in the development and sharing of knowledge, giving context to the patterns and principles that increase driving skills and driver performance. We openly welcome like-minded individuals to join our guild.

We cater to developing solutions on the increased complexity of the operational aspects of our industry, including the change impacts brought about by technology, process automation and regulation. Our research and resulting body of knowledge in state of the art practices utilised by our members, make this guild an invaluable resource in the education and development of driving instructor expertise, regulation and skills of the driving public in general.

We welcome new members whom wish to broaden or develop their knowledge & skills. We are a forum that encourages imagination & creativity. We offer proven practices to shape how we, as a community, collectively engage the market to improve the Driving Instructors Industry's effectiveness and efficiency. We offer our members a sense of individuality, an ability to brand themselves and leverage the brands of our guild. We will assist you in achieving your goals in the industry and in building a better business. We are committed to developing and leveraging all principles and patterns that increase the performance of Driving Instructors and therein, the driver.


A Driving Instructor gives context to driving performance through driving patterns that offer a rewarding experience, while reducing risks in damage to people and property.


We are an independent forum, a single body, representing ALL our members in dealings with other agencies. We openly welcome like-minded individuals to join our guild.

Our Performance


IDIG was constituted in 1992 to satisfy the needs of Professional Driving Instructors. We're a "not for profit" organisation, not a union, borne from a need for true representation. We are a Guild meaning a society offering mutual help through common values & objectives.

Hot Topics

Change must be managed in any industry often requiring thought leadership that is pragmatic and responsible. Change may lead to heated debate on the practicality in its implementation. Our Hot Topics are a conversation that presents our point of view. Follow Us.


Built so that we give visibility of the Professional Driving Instructor to the general public, Programmes are defined in way to assist our Guild in delivering a proven driver education environment that lead to improvements in road safety and in the upskilling of the driving public.

Event Calendar

We publish information on future events in our on-line calendar. We publish events that are of interest to the guild and includes dates when we meet face to face to manage the guild's business. Please visit our calendar to highlight opportunities for join us in value added discussion.

Things to Know

We gained industry respect and credibility largely due to our resolve for engaging in a spirit of co-operative communication. We aim to gather, share and transmit information, honestly, without fear, favour or disadvantage to other driving instructors within the industry.

Places to Go

We proudly display our Members' Brands and offer them as an extension of our service so that visitors may progress their enquiries into an implementation of their needs. Membership secures you a "referral link", where we may direct new visitors to an applicable service on your website.

Reasons to Be

Our guild operates in an environment offering common ground between you in your daily operations and decision makers in our industry, including retail, regulators and government agencies. We offer our members an influential & authorative platform that uses a single voice.


We publish our current opinions. Our body of knowledge comprises two layers. Our editorials, the first layer, are visible to the general public and are a summary of more detailed information, the second layer, available through our members. Please contact us for further information.

Our Recent Projects

Reasons to Join IDIG

✓ Peer Forum of Experts.
✓ Local Based Organisation.
✓ Fair Representation of ALL Members.
✓ Representation to Government and Industry.
✓ Over 100 years combined experience.
✓ Multiple Lenses on the Marketplace.

✓ Improve our Industry.
✓ Quality Australian based materials.
✓ Leverage and Contribute to Best Practice.
✓ Discover Multiple Paths to Performance.
✓ Efficient Regulatory Compliance Methods.
✓ Share Ways to Grow Your Practice.

Our Mission

A Forum to share and access expert knowledge of our members and to represent ALL our members fairly in dealings with Governments, Regulators and the Industry.


We meet the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month. Refer to our online Calendar for a Time & Location.
For Membership enquiries, please use our online form to Contact IDIG

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