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Can you Learn Tactical Driving Skills Safely in a Pandemic ?

Does driver instruction require personal contact? Has the role of the driver and instructor changed? A driver and instructor each have new responsibilities not practiced prior the pandemic. The driver/instructor learning environment has changed with a look and feel to the experience very different to what it was before Covid. Will this impact how a driver acquires the skills to pass their driving test successfully?


Who is responsible for the actions of a Driverless Vehicle ?

How will driverless cars be used in the future? Is the role of the driver extinguished or will a new role be required, the driver agent ? A driver of a vehicle may not be completely virtual, where auditing the performance/responsibilities of a driverless vehicle still requires people based roles. Will monitoring/inspection take over from the day to day controlling responsibilities? What will an agent look like and will agents require training in what will become a new transport scenario ?


Is Towards Zero Revolutionary or Evolutionary ?

Is Towards Zero a new way of Thinking ? Journey forerunners, Scandinavia, are demonstrating that modifying people behaviour will not work without three other factors, that being safer roads, safer speeds and safer vehicles. The four elements must work in concert to minisimise the effect of a failure in any one of the four components for a move to a Zero target to become possible. So what is the true cost of this programme and how long will it take?


What is the aim of Driver Instructor Industry Auditing ?

The cause and effect syndrome has bled into the Driver Instructor Industry, with increased instances of accidents and road rage being attributed to the licencing of bad drivers. Are the road rules the only measure of a bad driver ? Should there be compulsary education in common courtesies ? Measuring the effectiveness of driver instruction may be as simple as equipping instructor vehicles with cameras that act as the first part of an audit trail on a driver and instructor capabilities.

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A Forum to share and access expert knowledge of our members and to represent ALL our members fairly in dealings with Governments, Regulators and the Industry.


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