Independent Driving Instructors Guild

Our Rules of Engagement

Our Charter describes our rules of market engagement and engagement between members. Our Charter was refreshed in 2022 to cater for the evolution in communication media and to simplify how we will respond to the ever increasing number of channels to market.

Our Charter also outlines our common goals and our code of conduct for maintaining the guilds' membership & committee. Its purpose is to facilitate a framework that we, as members, agree to abide by and to offer guidance on quality assured repeatable processes, by which we, as members, conduct the guild's business.

Charter Principles

► Govern how members communicate with the market.
► Govern how members communicate with each other.
► Formalise the Resolution Process for Conflict of Interest.
► Maintain members' fit with Good Character Standards.
► Set standards for maintaining membership particiption.
► Formalise Committee Controls over our membership.
► Formalise rules for selecting Committee members.
► Define processes to Set/Collect/Review Guild Fees.
► Define processes for reimbursements to members.
► Define processes for managing Guild meetings.

Our Mission Statement

We are a Forum of Independent Driving Instructors, brought together as members within a single body, to share and access the expert knowledge of our members and to represent, with fairness, ALL our members in dealings with Governments, Regulatory Agencies and the Industry in general.

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Reasons to Join IDIG

✓ Peer Forum of Experts.
✓ Local Based Organisation.
✓ Fair Representation of ALL Members.
✓ Representation to Government and Industry.
✓ Over 100 years combined experience.
✓ Multiple Lenses on the Marketplace.

✓ Improve our Industry.
✓ Quality Australian based materials.
✓ Leverage and Contribute to Best Practice.
✓ Discover Multiple Paths to Performance.
✓ Efficient Regulatory Compliance Methods.
✓ Share Ways to Grow Your Practice.

Our Mission

A Forum to share and access expert knowledge of our members and to represent ALL our members fairly in dealings with Governments, Regulators and the Industry.


We meet the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month. Refer to our online Calendar for a Time & Location.
For Membership enquiries, please use our online form to Contact IDIG

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