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Warren has over 25 years experience as a Driving Instructor and is an active board member of the Independent Driving Instructors Guild (IDIG).

Warren specialises in training for manuals and automatics in addition to Light/Heavy Rigid and Light/Heavy Combination. He considers his strengths as a Driving Instructor to be his practical application and common sense approach for transferring his knowledge into the community, resulting in quick rewards through many types of driver licence qualifications.


Name of Driving School:
WG Driving School

Driving Instructor: Warren

Tel: 0438 783 866

WebSite: Contact IDIG NSW


• Driver Training
• Driver Instructor Training
• Workplace Driver Safety


• C - Car
• R - Rider
• LR - Light Rigid
• MR - Medium Rigid
• HR - Heavy Rigid
• HC - Heavy Combination
• MC - Multi Combination


• NSW Sydney Metroploitan
• NSW Sydney Regional

IDIG NSW Mission

A Forum to share and access expert knowledge of our members and to represent ALL our members fairly in dealings with Governments, Regulators and the Industry.

When We Meet

2nd Tuesday of Every Month.
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